The endurance secret of European Powerlifters and Elite Hockey Stars can be yours.

Introducing Vlagen Fruzen ®, the unique Austrian Carbonated Energy Crystals.

Easy to Take - 100% Safe - Packs a Punch.

If you're looking for an instant pick me up that tastes great and is ridiculously effective, look no further than Vlagen Fruzen ®.

Long a secret of European nations, Vlagen Fruzen ® uses Carbonated Caffeine and Vitamins B12 and B6 to give you an instant, safe energy boost that leaves "5 hour drinks" in the dust. It's sugar-free, tastes great, and available for the first time in the United States.

How does it work?

Couldn't be simpler. Take a small packet of great-tasting crystals out of your pocket or purse, pour them in your mouth, let them dissolve... and then go do your thing.

Your body ingests the carbonated caffeine and vitamins (a mega shot of B12 and B6) sublingually, which makes Vlagen Fruzen ® far more effective than energy bars and drinks. You can feel it working.

Why Try Vlagen Fruzen ®?

  • - Easily the most effective energy supplement available
  • - Simple to carry (even smaller than those tiny energy drinks)
  • - Easy to take
  • - 100% safe
  • - Sugar Free
  • - Works fast
  • - Tastes great
  • - Proven results by elite athletes